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  • Have some form of anxiety
  • Or you struggle with low libido.

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Her legs are long, tight and slender.

Her hips curve like an hour-glass.

Her breasts lie perky and firm.

Her face has the look of innocence that wants to be made to feel dirty.

And as you eye-ball her up and down she bites her lip while looking directly into your eyes…

You Can Feel The Sex Sweating Out Of This Woman’s Body

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Would You Look Down To See A Droopy Lifeless Flaccid Cock?

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Or would anxiety and panic flood through your body as you anticipate this could be yet another time when you fail to fully satisfy your lover?

Listen up…

This Is A Serious Problem For More Men Than You Can Imagine

Around the world everywhere women are secretly upset, dissatisfied and frankly pissed off with their sexual partners.

The number of women that are now going behind their partner’s back to sleep with a man who can give them the deep sexual fulfilment they crave is rising dramatically.

According to Huffington Post in the last two decades

Women’s expectations of how you need to perform in the bedroom are higher than ever and they’re more frustrated than ever.

So let me tell you something…

If right now you can’t get and stay rock hard

And you can’t produce the stamina to last for at least 30 minutes

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You may already know it.

You may have seen the subtle or not so subtle signs of her frustration and disappointment.

Or you may not know it.

You may think everything’s ok…

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Women Are Freakin’ Experts At Hiding This Kind Of Thing

After all – women are infamous for faking their orgasms.

So if right now you’re not regularly giving her intense body-shaking orgasms

So it’s obvious she’s not faking it.

Here’s the truth…

She’s not sexually satisfied.

In fact, she’s probably gossiping with her closest friends about it…

And possibly even quietly seeking that sexual satisfaction from other men.

I’m Talking About Your Woman

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  • Even if you’re “old”
  • Have bad genetics,
  • Have a sensitive penis
  • Aren’t in peak physical condition
  • Have diabetes
  • Or have some other medical condition

Soon You’re Going To Be Using Your New Rock-Solid Penis To Give Your Lover The Kind Of Orgasms That Make Her Body Shake And Her Mind Become Physically Addicted To Having Sex With You.

Oh, and just so we’re still clear…

No, this isn’t about viagra, testosterone boosters, vacuum pumps or “big dick pills.”

This Is Something Completely Different

And with the secret you’re about to discover any man has the potential to get rock hard and have sex like a porn star.

You ready?

Pay Attention Because I’m About To Cover Something Very Important

You need to understand how erections actually happen…

Erections Are A Simple 3 Step Process…

And Until You Fix That Something, You’re Going To Keep Struggling With Lame Erections And Insufficient Stamina

So what needs fixing?

Well, most of the time the problem lies in step 2…

How your brain processes sexual events and the release of the right hormones into the
blood stream.

Think about this for a second…

If you see a jaw-droppingly beautiful woman and you don’t even feel a twitch “down there”

Something’s obviously going wrong inside your head.

And Likewise, If You’re In Bed With A Woman, Even If You’ve Been With Her For 10, 20 Or 30 Or More Years And She Grabs Your Penis And It Takes You Longer Than A Minute Or Two To Get Fully Hard…

There’s Clearly A Problem.

Remember, you’re a man.

One of your key bodily functions is to be able to get hard, have sex with a woman and reproduce.

And if you’re getting obvious sexual stimulation and your body doesn’t respond to that, something must be going wrong in your brain.

Because the message telling your penis to get hard is not being sent.

Chances Are…

  • It’s not your lover’s fault…
  • It’s not your age
  • It’s not some physical condition
  • It’s not low testosterone levels
  • And it’s not the lack of a penis pump or cock ring

So What Is Missing? What’s Limiting Your Libido, Your Sexual Desire And Your Natural Ability To Get Rock Hard?

The Answer Is Hormones.

Hormones are chemical messages sent through the blood designed to trigger certain bodily functions.

So if you’re not getting aroused and fully hard, it’s likely because your brain is not producing enough of the correct hormones to get you sexually excited and carry the message to your penis telling it to store blood and get hard.

It’s as simple as that.


Can you inject these hormones directly into your bloodstream to get hard?

No – at least if you value your long-term health.

There are some “experts” who recommend injecting testosterone directly into the blood, but there are a number of problems with that.

Problem #1

Testosterone Isn’t The Hormone That Directly Triggers An Erection

While testosterone is an important male hormone, it’s not the actual hormone that triggers an erection.

Problem #2

The Side Effects Of Traditional Testosterone Therapy Are Scary

Have you heard about some of the reported side-effects from taking or injecting testosterone?

According to the Mayo Clinic doing this can cause the following serious problems:

  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Enlarged breasts (yes – we’re talking about man boobs here)
  • Limited sperm production
  • Or even cause shrinkage of the testicles

Personally that doesn’t sound too appealing to me.

So What’s Actually Much, Much Better Is To Be Able To Produce All Of The Right Hormones When Necessary On Your Own

And you want this to be a natural process.

So how do you do this?

How can you make it so your body produces enough of its own natural hormones for getting a strong healthy sexual appetite and rock-solid erections?

Here’s The Secret: “Hormonal Precursors”

A hormonal precursor is something that boosts the effects of existing hormones, but isn’t actually a hormone itself…

It can be a completely natural and healthy substance, which when consumed, triggers more production of the hormone you want.

And in this case, we’re looking for the kind of precursors that help raise your libido, get harder erections, last longer and increase semen volume.

So if you can get these natural precursors in your system that’s how you can start getting rock-solid hard erections that last 100% naturally…

Even if it’s been years since you last felt true sexual vigour.

But here’s the catch…

The Kind Of Precursors That Give You This Kind Of Control Over Your Penis Are Rare

You won’t find them at your local store or supermarket.

In fact, some of the them are sourced from the Indian subcontinent, some from the Andes mountains of Peru, some from China and some from Korea.

See what I mean?

We’re not talking about eating an extra apple and banana every day.

We’re talking about rare exotic plant extracts that have the power to seriously benefit you and
your body.

So What Exactly Are These Extracts And What Proof Is There That These Really Work?

The answer is really exciting.

Real credible institutions and third-party peer-reviewed journals have recently been performing research with these extracts.

And many of them have used what’s been referred to as the “gold standard for a clinical trial.”

To put it in technical terms, they’ve using randomized controlled trials where the extracts are blind tested against placebos.

And The Results Have Been Nothing Short Of Incredible

They’ve found that with the help of these extracts, men have displayed real noticeable and tangible improvements in their overall libido, ability to get hard, last longer and even increase their semen volume.

Here's What Third Party Peer-Reviewed Researchers Have To Say About Some Of These Powerful Ingredients...

#1 - Maca

Maca is found in plants indigenous to the Andes in Peru.

And to quote the peer-reviewed journal BMC Complementary Alternative Medicine“Two randomized controlled trials suggested a significant positive effect of maca on sexual dysfunction or sexual desire in… healthy adult men”

They then went on to say “The further randomized controlled trials assessed the effects of maca in patients with erectile dysfunction… and showed significant effects”

#2 - Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris for centuries has been used in India as a form of medicine.

The Journal Of Pharmacology And Pharmacotherapeutics did a study on this plant extract and concluded “findings of the present study validate the traditional use of [this extract] as a sexual enhancer in the management of sexual dysfunction in males.”

They went on to say “results showed a statistically significant difference in the level of iief-5” - which is the international index of erectile function.

#3 - Muira Puama

Muira Puama is extracted from a unique species native to the Amazon rainforest.

An article in Advances In Therapy Joural from a study exploring the effects of this extract quoted Statistically significant improvements occurred in frequency of sexual desires, sexual intercourse, and sexual fantasies, as well as in satisfaction with sex life, intensity of sexual desires, excitement of fantasies, ability to reach orgasm, and intensity of orgasm”

#4 - Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is a perennial plant with fleshy roots.

And The International Journal Of Impotence Research said “It can be used as an alternative medicine to improve sexual life in men with sexual dysfunction” and the British Journal Of Clinical Pharmacology found “Collectively these randomized controlled trials provide suggestive evidence for the effectiveness of… ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction”

Now isn't that exciting?!

Whether you're into all the scientific detail, here's the point...

Real Institutions Are Finding Real Results With These Extracts

As a result of taking these extracts men are overcoming the erectile dysfunction, getting harder erections, lasting longer, increasing their sex drive and even increasing their ejaculation volume.

Imagine How You Would Feel If You Were To Achieve Those Kinds Of Results

Imagine what it would be like if the next time you had sex:

  • You were able to get rock hard
  • Last for as long as you wanted
  • And give your woman intense orgasm after intense orgasm

How incredible would that feel?

OK, So Let Me Tell You How You Can Make This Happen…

A company called Stillbloom has been smart enough to take all of these different rare extracts…

  • Extracts that increase libido
  • Extracts that give you stronger erections that last longer
  • Extracts that help you increase your semen volume

And they’ve combined all of these different extracts into one easy-to-take supplement.

Altogether Over 17 Different Ingredients, Including And Like Those Above, Are Carefully Blended Into The Breakthrough New Natural Supplement Jalkoy To Create The Ultimate Erection-Boosting "Secret Weapon"

And Jalkoy is the only supplement of its kind that contains ingredients to address libido, boost erection strength, increase stamina as well as augment semen volume…

In Essence Making It The Most Comprehensive Supplement Relating To Helping You Achieve Powerful And Lasting Erections And Transforming Your Sex Life

My name is John Castor.

I’m an expert nutritionist, spokesperson and the biggest consumer advocate of Stillbloom,  the company behind the revolutionary new supplement Jalkoy.

Stillbloom specialize in helping men overcome serious health and sexual challenges.

And when they discovered the existence of these breakthrough extracts, they rushed to get them put together into an easily accessible supplement for men wanting stronger, harder, fuller and longer lasting erections.

And quickly after a small group of men started taking Jalkoy, success stories began flooding in from all the men taking it…

Because they were experiencing huge breakthroughs in the bedroom

Take A Look At Some Of The Messages That Have Been Sent In To Stillbloom…

"I Have Begun To Have Morning Erections"

“…I have begun to have morning erections (thank you)… I am very pleased with the results. I only take one capsule every night and another one when I intend to get lucky. It really works. How can I get another three bottles sent?!”

-Francisco P. from San Antonio, Texas, USA

"This Supplement Makes Me Rock Hard"

“this supplement makes me rock hard like horse. Wow it's superb, changed my life.


"My Partner And Myself Were Pleased To Use This Product"

All I can tell you is that my partner and myself were pleased to use this product and we now feel much happy and better on our activity.”

-Albert H.

"Get Harder Than Before"

I have been taking Jalkoy now for four days. I am feeling changes and seem to get harder than before.”

-John Pappas

And of course there have been many more testimonials and success stories sent in.

What Do You Think It’s Worth To Be Able To Have Sex Like A Pornstar, Get Large, Full Rock-Solid Erections And Give Your Lover Body-Shaking Ecstasy In Bed?

Well let’s look at what some people are already paying for alternative and more risky options…

Here’s what one company,  picked off the front page of Google is charging for testosterone medication with the intention that it’ll help your erections…

$296 for a one-month supply!

And here’s what another company, again from the front page of google is charging for testosterone therapy…

$395 for testosterone therapy…that adds up to $4740 per year!

Now what about Viagra?

Here’s the cost of Viagra from one of the leading online websites… $14.05.

And that’s if you buy a 24 pack for $337.20.

Plus, remember these options listed so far come with a huge list of potential side-effects ranging from heart problems to possibly going blind (going blind, by the way, is one of the many documented potential side-effects of taking Viagra as listed on their own website)!

On the other hand…

Remember, Jalkoy Is A Natural Supplement Made Of Natural Ingredients And Extracts Making It Way Safer Than Any Of These Alternative Chemically Manufactured Options.

So given that it’s natural and doesn’t have an endless list of negative side-effects, what would you expect to pay for this kind of solution?

And don’t forget Jalkoy is made up of multiple rare plant extracts whose originals span the globe.

This Is A Premium Supplement.

So what do you reckon the investment is? $1,000 a bottle? $500 a bottle?

Now don’t worry, you won’t be paying anywhere near these outrageous prices.

Let me ask you another question…

How much does your average date cost?

You know I’m talking dinner and a trip to the movies. The kind of thing you might do if you were really looking to get laid. We’re talking about $75 to $100, right?  Depending where you go, you could even shell out possibly even more.

So let me ask you another one…

What If Your Newfound Sexual Ability, As A Result Of Taking Jalkoy, Meant Your Lover Wanted To Stay In And Have Exciting, Passionate Sweaty Sex All Night Long?

For just one night when she’d normally want to be “wined and dined” instead? That would immediately save you $75 to $100, right?

And if you could make that happen multiple nights in any given month – well, you could be saving hundreds of dollars, right?

So what if I was to tell you that you can right now get a bottle of Jalkoy for less than the price of one average date?

Jalkoy Could Quite Literally End Up Paying For Itself

…In the savings you make because your woman ends up wanting to stay in and have you drive her wild in bed, rather than have you splash out and “treat her” on a date. How exciting is that?

So here’s the deal…

When you invest in jalkoy today you won’t have to pay $1,000. You won’t have to pay $500 either. You won’t even have to pay half of that $250.

If you invest, today, while this video is still up and Jalkoy is still in stock…

You Can Get One Bottle – A Full Month’s Supply For Less Than $100

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And since then Stillbloom have been working hard to source the ingredients to manufacture more of this highly potent supplement.

Because remember, the ingredients used to create Jalkoy are rare.

These Aren’t Your Everyday Plant Extracts

These originate from as far as the mountains in the Andes, the depths of China, the hills or Korea and many other distant places.

Now, Stillbloom will always keep a small reserve of Jalkoy for existing customers who want to reorder.

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When you order today, Jalkoy will also give you something virtually no supplement company, drug company or medical treatment offers…

The Makers Of Jalkoy Believe So Strongly In Its Effectiveness  That They’re Offering A Full 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Also, Your Order Will Be Discreetly Billed And Delivered.

Your order will appear on your billing statement next to a discreet, non-explicit, non-revealing, generic sounding name. Your order will also arrive in plain packaging addressed to you personally.

And the bottle itself mentions only the name and the key ingredients found inside so you can comfortably place it in your bathroom cabinet or travel bag without anyone having to know what it does.

Now the makers of Jalkoy are absolutely committed to helping you achieve the very best sex life you could ever dream of…

So to really sweeten the deal they’re throwing in something extra to your order today…

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In this guide you’ll discover a set of powerful psychological techniques for boosting erection strength, getting and staying hard on command and deeply satisfying your lover in bed.

This will super-charge the effects of Jalkoy and help you get your erection strength and libido primed and growing while you’re waiting for your order.

Oh and this program is authored by men’s health expert, Jack Grave, who has taught his sex advice techniques to over 1 million men in over 100 different countries.

So the techniques you’ll discover inside are not to be taken lightly, the author is a certified authority on the subject matter.

This too is authored by Jack Grave and inside this guide you’ll discover the secret techniques many adult movies stars use to boost stamina, tackle premature ejaculation and last for hours or more in bed.

Listen, the last thing you want to do is get a raging hard erection only to blow prematurely minutes later. This guide will show you how to prevent that from happening.

In this bonus, written by adult movie star, Aaron Wilcoxxx, you’ll discover step-by-step where to touch a woman and when so you can give the most powerful squirting orgasms…

Even to women who have never orgasmed before.

Trust me. Your woman will be addicted to having sex with you after using this.

Here’s a little secret about women…

If right now your woman isn’t regularly asking or even begging to give you blowjobs or to have anal sex, the problem is not with her.

It’s with your approach.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not your fault. No one out there teaches this information. And my point is this…

If you want more blowjobs, anal sex or any other kind of exciting sexual adventure with your woman, then the secret lies in how you approach the idea with her.

This bonus is also authored by adult movie star, Aaron Wilcoxxx.

And after testing out different approaches with hundreds of women, he eventually perfected exactly what to say and do to make almost any woman beg to give him blowjobs or anal sex. That includes off-screen as well…

This is not about using pressure or manipulation. This is about getting her to want to give you blowjobs and anal sex. This method of persuasion is so powerful it even works on super conservative women.

After using it, you won’t believe you survived this long without knowing about it! And you’ll discover this unique and counter-intuitive approach in this bonus.


The sex positions you use make a huge difference to your performance in bed. Even using the same position, but with a slightly different angle can transform her sexual experience.

In this special bonus, you’ll discover many different advanced sex positions – plus important tweaks to traditional sex positions for helping you give your woman multiple intense orgasms with surprising ease.

Also, with these special tricks you can even make your penis feel larger and thicker to her while inside her.

“I’m not in the mood.” “I have a headache.” “I’m too tired” or “it’s too soon.” These are the most common ways women reject sex.

But what if there were a way to bypass these common objections to sex?

What if you could speak directly to her subconscious and most primal instincts for sexual desire?

That’s what you’ll discover in stop sexual rejection: How to communicate with the female psychology in a way that will get even the most conservative woman desperate to have sex with you. 

So whether that’s your wife who you haven’t enjoyed passionate sex with for decades or a woman you’ve just met who you want to make chase you for sex.

This guide will show you how to activate an intense sexual lust in your woman, so you’ll never have to worry about sexual rejection again.


So look…

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To have her entire body vibrate with pleasure.

And give her so much joy, satisfaction and fulfilment in bed that she becomes physically addicted to having sex with you.

To the point where it’s soon her that’s doing whatever she can to get you to sleep with her.

That’s the potential that’s available with Option B…to try out and invest in Jalkoy today.

So what’s it going to be?

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PS - As you can imagine, since Jalkoy is such a cheap, effective and safe alternative to the “traditional” methods for getting stronger and longer-lasting erections, I get a lot of questions about it.

So what I’m going to do is answer the common questions I get…

FAQ #1 – Are There Any Side Effects? Is It Safe?

What you’ve got to remember is that Jalkoy is a supplement that’s made from naturally occurring plant extracts.

Unlike many alternatives like testosterone therapy, the infamous “blue pill” or other drugs, Jalkoy is not a drug that’s chemically engineered from other chemicals.

The key ingredients in Jalkoy come from real life plant – making it a natural product and therefore much safer than alternative solutions for getting harder erections.

We poured through hundreds of different research articles and publications on the ingredients found in Jalkoy and we couldn’t find one negative side effect that had been identified from these ingredients.

The worst side effect we’ve ever heard of is men getting too stronger libido.

And if that’s an issue for you then you can just cut your dose in half.

FAQ #2 – Can My Erections Become “Too Hard?”

It’s definitely true that after taking Jalkoy for a few days.

Your erections can become hard as a rock. You’ll literally be able to feel the blood pulsating through your penis.

The odd guy may be bothered by this, but we’re yet to hear of a complaint by any of the women who get to experience these throbbing rock-solid penises.

Trust me. No woman is ever going to complain about your penis being “too hard,” but if it getting too hard really is a concern for you, then you can always lower your dose to achieve a hardness that is comfortable for you.

FAQ #3 – How Fast Will This Work?

The big breakthroughs tend to come between 4 to 7 days – sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

Remember that everyone is different. People are different sizes, have different health and fitness levels and different hormone levels.

For that reason there isn’t a concrete time I can promise you, but what I do recommend is this…

Start paying close attention to your erections. Notice how firm and hard they’re getting. Notice how you start to become more easily aroused  and your sex drive is more quickly stimulated.

After starting to take Jalkoy, it won’t be long before it feels like you’re viewing the entire world with a more intense animalistic passion.

FAQ #4 – What If My Penis Becomes Too Big And Hard?

One thing Jalkoy will do is aid your body in pumping as much blood as possible into your penis during an erection.

And when it does…yes, it’s going to get rock hard and possibly even bigger than before. So this will be an entirely different experience for your woman.

Will this be a problem for her? I doubt it.

I don’t know many women who walk around and complain to their friends that their man’s penis is too big and hard. In fact, most women would kill for their men to have big, throbbing hard-as-steel cocks.

So this question is nothing to be concerned about.

Look, getting the kind of rock-solid erections you have the potential to get with Jalkoy is something most men pray for and most women dream of.

And You’ve Now Got The Unique Opportunity To Get Your Hands On Jalkoy

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FAQ #5 – What Makes Jalkoy Different?

Jalkoy is the only supplement of its kind that contains over 17 different key rare plant extracts and special ingredients to address libido, erection strength, stamina and semen volume…

There’s nothing else like it.

It’s not a testosterone drug and it’s not an erection drug like the “blue pill.”

It’s natural and safer than all of those solutions and it costs a fraction of what they do as well.

FAQ #6 – Does Jalkoy Still Work When Consuming Alcohol?

Yes it does.

Alcohol does not render Jalkoy ineffective.

FAQ #7 - Can I Get This Somewhere Else Online?


Jalkoy is sold exclusively through this website. There simply isn’t enough stock for it to be shipped and held by hundreds of retailers around the world.

This is a premium supplement.

Yet the makers have still decided to price it below that of all the competition because – while they could charge $1,000 or more per bottle – they’re serious about getting this into the hands of men who need it.

And not just the lucky privileged few with a silver spoon in their mouth.

FAQ #8 - Will Jalkoy Make My Penis Bigger, Help Me Last Longer And Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

If before taking jalkoy you weren’t achieving the full potential of your erection, then yes, it will make it bigger by helping you achieve erections that before you couldn’t achieve before.

Will it help you last longer? Yes. You’ll find it much easier to maintain your hardness
for longer.

Will it prevent premature ejaculation? There’s a two part answer to this…

Part 1:  Should you orgasm earlier than you’d like to, what you’ll find is that it’s much easier to quickly regain your erection when you have the powerful ingredients from Jalkoy in your system.

Part 2: Remember that when you order today you’re also getting a free bonus included called The Pornstar’s Secret Stamina Weapon, which you’ll get instant access to after you complete your order.

And in this bonus you’ll discover a 100% natural technique for extending how long you last so you never have to worry about premature ejaculation again.

So in short…

Yes, ordering Jalkoy has the potential to help you in the bedroom in all three ways.

Here’s the bottom line…

With Jalkoy and all the amazing bonuses you’re going to get, you have the potential to lead a radically different sexual lifestyle.

The kind where you can get hard as a steel bar, gain the stamina of pornstar, have sex all night long and give your woman the kind of addictive sexual pleasure that makes her beg for you to do it to her again and again, night after night.

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