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Let me introduce you to the cutting-edge new approach for claiming control of your erections and getting and staying hard throughout sex much faster so you can more quickly begin to last all night and give your lover orgasm after orgasm.

It’s called “Somnambulistic Suggestion”.

And it’s a radical new and innovative approach chosen by the most motivated and serious men for helping gain full control over their ability to get hard.

Somnambulistic Suggestion is completely new and it’s like NOTHING else out there for helping overcome impotence and forms of erectile dysfunction.

Let me explain to you quickly what it is…

Somnambulistic Suggestion is a very special and unique form of hypnosis.

It’s totally different from any “stage hypnosis” that you may have seen and is nothing like traditional hypnotherapy…

This stuff actually works.

Check this out…

Here’s proof this really works…

  • The University Of Washington School of medicine found that this type of hypnosis had a 90.6% success rate at helping people quit smoking measured by up to 3 years afterwards.
  • The journal of consulting and clinical psychology found that with this type of hypnosis a group of overweight people on average lost 17lbs while a similar test group with no hypnosis lost only an average of 0.5 lbs.
  • And the University of Iowa found that this type of hypnosis was 3 times as effective as a patch and 15 times as effective as willpower in helping people to quit smoking.

OK, so let me quickly explain the science behind this…

One of the main factors that prevents men from being able to get and stay as hard as they like is their psychology.

As you already know… If you can get hard in one situation, whether that be when you’re alone, masturbating, watching porn or first thing in the morning… then that demonstrates that you have the physical CAPABILITY to get hard to get hard in any situation, therefore it can’t be a physical problem that’s preventing you from getting hard…

It must be a psychological problem.


What Somnambulistic Suggestion does is it DIRECTLY addresses the psychological limitations that hold many men back from getting hard.

For example, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction or not being able to get or stay hard is performance anxiety.

When men start to worry, whether consciously or unconsciously it instantly kills an erection.

So what Somnambulistic Suggestion does is it REPROGRAMS the part of your mind that creates anxiety…

And it INSTEAD programs your mind to become confident in sexual situations that previously made you nervous.

How does it do this?

Well, Somnambulistic Suggestion is a very powerful form of hypnosis

This type of hypnosis takes you into the deepest possible state of hypnosis and once in this state it provides suggestions, words, phrases and questions that encourage your subconscious mind to change its patterns of thought.

And with enough repetition (I recommend 10 sessions in total) you have the potential to completely replace your habitual thoughts of anxiety with habitual thoughts of confidence.

And because anxiety is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, impotence and not being able to get and stay hard… this process can rapidly turn around what’s been holding you back from getting full erection control so you can stay hard for as long as you want.

Combine this with what you’ll discover in Get And Stay Hard and...

You’ll be able to significantly FAST-TRACK your progress and much more rapidly claim control over your ability to get hard on command.

So, how do you use Somnambulistic Suggestion?

Well, you need a trained, fully qualified professional to guide you through the process.

What a professional will do is they’ll use carefully chosen words and music to guide your mind into the deepest state of hypnosis.

And once in this state your subconscious mind becomes open to positive suggestions so that any thought patterns that cause anxiety can be replaced with patterns of confidence… plus your subconscious mind can be directly programmed to give you more conscious control over your erections.

When instructions are given to you in this deep state of hypnosis you won’t believe the amount of change that’s possible to make.

Now, when it comes to effectively executing this process you have two choices as to how you go about it…

You can either pay a hefty price tag to travel to a specialist’s office, tell them about your personal problems before they go through the process in person with you…

Or you can listen to a pre-recorded session in the comfort of your own home, at whatever time you choose and for a fraction of the price.

Now, because I know so many of my followers and subscribers prefer the latter I’ve done something very special…

I’ve made a deal with a fully qualified professional hypnosis expert with over 500 hours of training and experience whereby in exchange for a sizable amount of money, I persuaded her record the entire process onto two separate audio recordings which she’s allowed me to share with my followers and subscribers.

One of the audios is called Install Alpha Male Confidence And Wipe Out Sexual Anxiety and the other is called Program Your Mind And Body To Get And Stay Hard On Your Command.

Together I call these transformational audio recordings
the Get Hard System.

As you already know… If you can get hard in one situation, whether that be when you’re alone, masturbating, watching porn or first thing in the morning… then that demonstrates that you have the physical CAPABILITY to get hard to get hard in any situation, therefore it can’t be a physical problem that’s preventing you from getting hard…

It must be a psychological problem.


And for best results I recommend you listen to them once a day for 10 days, rotating each day the one you listen to.

To use these recordings all you have to do is upload them to your favorite mp3 audio device and listen in the privacy of your own home.

Now, many people would happily pay $1,000 or more to sit with her in person for a similar type of treatment… and that’s for just ONE SESSION.

With these audios you’ll have the chance to repeat your sessions as often as you like.

For this reason I think charging $1,000 for these two audio sessions is more than reasonable.

Having said that, because I have a lot of followers and subscribers I can afford to cut the price because the larger number of buyers should help me cover my expenses.

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#1 – “Destroy Anxiety – Gain Full Erection Control”
Video Training – Worth $99

GetHardSystemDVD3 For several years I’ve been teaching men how to overcome sexual issues, dysfunctions and challenges. And as a result of what I teach, all the time I get messages from guys sharing with me the breakthroughs they’ve experienced after implementing the techniques I teach… So in this video I decided break down my PERSONAL and very best non-hypnotic techniques specifically for eliminating anxiety, overcoming erectile dysfunction and being able to get and stay hard virtually on command… I hold nothing back in this video training and reveal my very best strategies so you can get results as quickly as possible.

#2 – “Expert’s Guide To Using Hypnosis To Cure
E.D.” Audio Recording – Worth $29


In this tightly edited, concise audio, our hypnosis expert reveals how you can use the audio recordings in this program to achieve the best and fastest possible results.

Commonly people make a few key mistakes when it comes to using hypnosis and it’s paramount that you avoid making these mistakes too.

In this audio you’ll discover EXACTLY how to get the absolute most out of this program to help you get and keep rock hard vein bulging erections naturally.

#3 – “Cold Partner To Sex Craving Lover”
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GetHardSystemEBOOK1-aI’ve designed this report with a very specific person in mind…

This has been created for the man who isn’t satisfied with the amount of sex he’s getting in his relationship.

Whether you’re married, have a girlfriend or a casual partner, I’m going to reveal powerful and proven strategies to get even the coldest of woman to desperately crave sex.

Even if right now it seems like your partner could never be deeply passionate about sex and even if she claims she doesn’t enjoy sex or can’t orgasm during it… I’ll show you exactly what to do to have her on her knees BEGGING for you to let her have it.

#4 – “Regaining A Lost Erection”
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GetHardSystemEBOOK1-bThis special guide addresses regaining lost erections in two key ways…

1 - It reveals how to regain an erection if you lose one part of the way during sex… for example if you get distracted or for some other reason temporarily lose your hardness…

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process for regaining full hardness fast.

2 – You’ll discover how to regain the erection quality you used to have

If you feel like you had better erections when you were younger then this guide will show you how to recreate the kind of erections you used to have with specific examples and strategies.

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